Old Growth

Old Growth does soak up carbon

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Old growth forests store massive amounts of carbon but have been accused of just 'stagnating' and not actively absorbing any. Quite the opposite is true.

Old-growth forests continue to remove far more carbon than previously thought, making their protection a high priority in tackling global warming.

Loggers for forests

Monday, October 16, 2006

In October last year, a group of timber workers started a lobby group called Loggers for Forests. The group wants to stop woodchipping in old growth forests and to use trees taken from forests more efficiently.

Mick Harris is a timber contractor from Fernbank in East Gippsland and he says most loggers think woodchipping is wrong.

Darejo tree

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Darejo tree

Discovered in 2003 in an area planned for logging, the Darejo tree has now had its immediate area protected from logging, but its giant Shining Gum relatives were not so lucky - they didn't meet the 12.5 girth minimum that gains them protection.

Latest EG industry plan won't work Bracks

Monday, March 6, 2006

First we had the Bracks government, via the DSE/VicForests, doing a trial to see if they can log old growth more slowly (the Old Growth Project), then in late February, the Minister for forests, John Thwaites, announced a new six month consultation process with the logging industry in East Gippsland to work out how many logs are still out there for them and what they want.

There are six licensees left in EG, three or four are about to go bust. How long does it take to consult with them about going into liquidation?

Chipmill still runs on old trees

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

A December 2005 truck-check vigil at the Eden woodchip mill showed that over 2/3rds of logs that entered the Nippon woodchip mill at Eden were large, meaning they are from mature and old growth forests.

Of the 158 trucks that arrived between 4am and 7pm on just one day, 75% came from the south (the direction of East Gippsland). Many of the old trees were split in the coupe so no one could then argue they would have made a sawlog. The chipmill boasts it no longer has trunk splitters on site - but it seems the splitters are all out in the logging coupes now.

British MP bats for trees

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Conservative British MP Norman Baker, has sent a message to the Bracks Government, hand delivering 2000 postcards from forest supporters. The postcards call on the Premier to stop logging in Victoria's old growth forests. Mr Baker, the Liberal Democrats environment spokesman, visited Australia in late February to tour Tasmania and Victorian forests. His previous anti-logging campaigns include a motion in the British Parliament in 2004 calling for the protection of Tasmania's world-class forests.