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Sweet RFA

This illustrated guide explains how East Gippsland’s forests were ‘agreed’; to be handed to the export woodchip industry for 20 long years back in 1997. It was a big farce then, as its plan for renewing it is now.

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Deer management in Victoria

Comments on the Draft Deer Management Strategy 2nd November 2018 EEG represents 350 members and over 1000 supporters and has been active in the East Gippsland region for 35 years. Our members have also witnessed a dramatic rise in deer numbers and have experienced the damage. We welcome a state strategy to reduce their numbers…

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Give your vote more teeth!

The major parties would prefer voters did not know how the voting system works. It can be used to great effect rather than believing that a vote 1 for a smaller party or independent, is a ‘wasted vote’. That’s why it is never taught in schools or provided to the general public as other key…

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