Lyrebird - forests gardeners

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Long-footed PotorooLyrebirds are but one aspect of our forests’ natural army of ‘fuel reducers’.

Bandicoots, Potoroos, and other small diggers, hoppers and scratchers are all extremely important in turning over the forest’s compost daily. Add to this work force the insects and their larvae, termites and fungi that are constantly devouring leaves, twigs and even logs.

Forests Forever Easter Ecology Camp 2015

Forests Forever 2015 promo pictureCamp by the Brodribb River with like-minded people at night and be guided by expert biologists during the day.

Be awed by 600 year old forests and the diversity of a pristine rainforest. Discover how forests are vital for climate calming, and spotlight for nocturnal wildlife.

Learn wildlife survey techniques or take an organic farm tour.

Visit Brown Mountain’s old growth forests which were successfully protected with a Supreme Court case in 2010. Then be inspired to help save our forests.

$60 for adults ($40 conc) or $20 a day ($15 conc). Teenagers half price, Under 12s free.

All proceeds go to help save these forests. Please book early as numbers are limited.

Online bookings can be made here or download a flyer with a booking form (PDF)

Review of government burn targets

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lonnie - the long nosed potorooThere will be a review of the 5% burn target, with the report delivered by the end of March (6 weeks)! 

The Minister’s media release says:

“The review will examine a risk-based approach to bushfire fuel management against the existing hectare-based performance target program. The Inspector-General for Emergency Management has been asked to deliver his report by the end of March 2015

It’s time to stop lighting fires

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Fern understorey

Bill Gammage’s popular book ‘The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia’ contains many fundamental flaws and represents ‘blind advocacy’ for repeated burning’ because ‘Aboriginal people did it’. 

Like Keith Windshuttle’s ‘Fabrication of Aboriginal History’, Bill Gammage only pursued references - and interpretation of references - that supported his ‘hypothesis’. For Gammage that hypothesis is that all Aboriginal people farmed all of Australia using fire. This proposition was first published by Rhys Jones in an article in Australian Natural History in 1969 ‘Firestick Farming’ - and the references Jones used have as little merit as Gammage’s.

Increased logging dressed up as ‘bushfire mitigation’?

Monday, January 5, 2015

logging as bushfire mitigationThis is something to watch. In a Productivity Commission draft report cited in early January 2015, the suggestion was that more needs to be spent on bushfire mitigation exercises (to save on disaster relief and recovery). Sounds reasonable? But this suggested $200M mixed with the lobbying influence of the Australian Forest products Association (AFPA), and Abbott’s anti-environment doctrine, this could well translate into giving money to states that will ‘thin’ native forests and National Parks, supposedly to reduce fire threat and then use the thinnings to fuel electricity furnaces.