VicForests Exposed!

VicForests excused for illegal logging

Sunday, August 12, 2012

When is a rainforest not a rainforest? When the greenies don't see it first

VicForests wiped out 8 ha of protected rainforest some time ago. In a first, the Department of Sustainability and Environment prosecuted them. However, after many adjournments of the case, on August 6th (2012) a behind the scenes deal was done instead.

After such a heinous crime, we were imagining VicForests being marched off in leg irons to the dungeon. But the DSE instead softened (to pressure from Baillieu’s mates?) and agreed to offer the accused – charged with 5 counts of criminal logging of rainforests - a 12 month try-a-bit-harder behavior bond. What citizen that destroys so much protected vegetation would ever be let off the hook so easily?

VicForests – serial defendants to environmental cases

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

VicForests is becoming a familiar defendant in the Victorian Supreme Court. In late 2010 the Court found it guilty of intending to illegally log an old growth forest near Brown Mountain that supports protected rare and endangered wildlife. Now they are again in the same court defending their actions to destroy Victoria’s faunal emblem, the endangered Leadbeater’s possum. On March 30th the Orbost Magistrates’ Court is hearing a criminal case against illegal rainforest logging by VicForests.

Wide scale salvage logging linked to log dump destruction

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

During the 2009 bushfires, a huge log dump near Marysville was destroyed by fire. Michael Ryan from VicForests stated that 50,000 tonnes of pulpwood had been destroyed – around 10% of the total annual production of pulp logs for this area. The log dump was located near Marysville surrounded by tinder dry forest. Photographs of the log dump taken before the fires by EEG member Peter Halasz show the enormous size of this stockpile.

VicForests compares apples with Jerusalem artichokes.

Friday, January 13, 2012

VicForest foresters and PR men always like to present their ‘facts’ as unquestionable science and anyone who dares question them are blasphemers.
Well – get a load of their latest ‘home brand’ fact sheet on logging. VicForests are proudly peddling this small two page glossy on their homepage and it’s a truly amazing mishmash of statistics and a skewed analysis of logging in East Gippsland.