What we have all been told for years is that after they log it it all grows back again.

Yeah? Firstly, there are thousands of hectares of smashed and deliberately burnt forest (all part of logging management) that still isn’t growing back and VicForests can’t afford to restore it back to proper forest.

And secondly, where they do, they transform a once diverse, wildlife rich forest into a tree crop suited only to the demands of the woodchip and paper customers. Then VicForests also has the hide to tell us these forests are ‘multiple use’.

100% partly or fully rehabilitated

Monday, July 2, 2001

For several years, NRE has been making available to the public a summary of its audit of the Code of Forest Practices (environmental guidelines to adhere to while ripping down ancient forests). NRE must hope that people will be left with the feeling that our forests are in the best possible hands - and that no one would bother to analyse their data. Ha!