Logging Industry

A TEAM infilrates the ALP

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Exclusive Brethren's manipulation of election campaigns has been a major influence in politics. Now it's been revealed how companies infiltrate the political sphere to direct major decisions in their favour.

Multinational packaging company Amcor who owned the PaperlinX woodchip and paper mill in the Latrobe Valley, were involved in corporate spying on green groups in the 1990s. The current company "PaperlinX" (makers of Reflex paper) said the spy and lobby group, the "A team", was set up under previous management so denied any connection.

Loggers for forests

Monday, October 16, 2006

In October last year, a group of timber workers started a lobby group called Loggers for Forests. The group wants to stop woodchipping in old growth forests and to use trees taken from forests more efficiently.

Mick Harris is a timber contractor from Fernbank in East Gippsland and he says most loggers think woodchipping is wrong.

If you go down to buy wood today you're in for a big surprise

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Timber yards just don't bother stocking hardwood timber any more. Why?

It is because no one wants to buy hardwood timber. There are no uses for native forest hardwoods which pine and other plantation products cannot replace, and at a lower price.

Many sawmills that cut native forest logs are teetering on the brink of receivership. The industry is collapsing quickly. Here are some examples:

Where does Craig Ingram stand on logging forests??

Friday, September 1, 2006

Our Gippsland East Independent pollie, Craig Ingram, has the image of a champion for our rivers. You'd think this concern for the water would spill over to include our rivers' catchments, but not so. His attitudes to logging forests were spelled out very clearly in the Herald Sun and on the ABC in early September.
Here's a summary of his comments'

The conservation movement's attempts to save old growth would threaten 500 jobs in East Gippsland.

      Voters in Cann River, Orbost and on into Bairnsdale want these forests logged.

Mill fire deliberate

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The fire that burnt down the Orbost sawmill three weeks after it went broke in May, remains unsolved. The fire did about $200,000 damage to the company's offices where the books were being reviewed by the receivers. Forensic investigators concluded the fire was deliberately lit.

25.7.06 ABC news

The wheat and woodchips connection

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Scruffy scruples
Readers will be aware of government and logging industry attempts to give wood products that come from destructive clearfelled areas a green tick of approval. This is to con both domestic and overseas buyers that the timber they purchase is from nicely logged forests. To achieve this, they invented the Australian Forestry Standard or AFS. The fact that this group has no conservation reps at all shows what a farce it is. What's even more telling is the list of AFS directors.

Stump-huggers inc.

New Zealand gets it right

Thursday, June 1, 2006

NZ has no logging industry that cuts down public native forests and yet employs 23,000 people, produces 11% of the country's total exports being 4% of their GDP, has annual sales of $5 billion with $3.5 billion of that being exported.

New Zealand has one of the largest areas of protected natural forest in the world - nearly 6 million hectares.

Their plantations cover 1.8 million hectares. It's important to note that New Zealand's economy is about the same size as Victoria's.

Latest EG industry plan won't work Bracks

Monday, March 6, 2006

First we had the Bracks government, via the DSE/VicForests, doing a trial to see if they can log old growth more slowly (the Old Growth Project), then in late February, the Minister for forests, John Thwaites, announced a new six month consultation process with the logging industry in East Gippsland to work out how many logs are still out there for them and what they want.

There are six licensees left in EG, three or four are about to go bust. How long does it take to consult with them about going into liquidation?