Logging and Clearfell

Clearfelling entire hill sides back to bare dirt is VicForests’ favorite way of logging because it creates thousands of tonnes of ‘waste’ trees.

This so called waste is then sold very cheaply to local and Asian paper companies. It has to do with the economies of scale.

Before the late 60s, the best timber trees were felled singly for sawn timber (called selective logging). Now the entire landscape goes. Not only does clearfelling take out those offensive ancient forests and the animals that live there, it lets the logging companies burn any struggling plants that try to return and then plant one species of preferred tree as a woodchippers mono-crop over the top of once was diverse healthy forest. 

In effect, we pay them to cut down hundreds of year old trees, incinerate the site, and convert it all to miles and miles of woodchip tree farms. Even though conversion to plantations is illegal, they just give it another name – regeneration – oh – and usually with ‘sustainably managed’ in front of that.

It’s a bit like defining mass slaughter of civilians in a war ‘collateral damage’ (depending on who’s doing the killing).

Napthine sinks even deeper

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The same weeks as Kevin Rudd was returned as PM, Victoria's Napthine government passed two anti-environment bills through parliament.

Napthine chainsaw destroy

The amendment to the logging Act (SFTA) gives a free-for-all to the logging mafia; everything it wants for as long as it wants with bugger-all scrutiny. All underwritten by us taxpayers for hundreds of millions if they run out of forests (or another bushfire makes them unmerchantable).

BUT - VicForests first has to find someone who wants to buy native forest wood. It's become as popular as whale meat!

‘Infinity logging’ is the new law proposed by the Napthine Government.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

f passed the Bill will formalise a new ‘cut-out-and-get-out’ style of forest management in the short term as well as pay millions to the logging industry in the long term.

The proposed Amendments to this law governing native forest logging will hand full powers to VicForests (the profit-driven semi government entity in charge of logging public forests) and it will expose the state of Victoria to payouts to the industry players of hundreds of millions. This change to the law mirrors closely what the logging lobby group, AFPA’s submission demanded.

Newman Govt - opens up Qld to logging!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

industrial rainforest species

Queensland was the only state that managed to do away with their clearfelling of native forests as a result of the RFA. It also has no woodchip industry, but Campbell Newman now wants both by the looks.

The Queensland govt gave the go ahead in February to log almost 2 million hectares of forest and woodlands previously excluded from logging!

Logging Minister stuffs up

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Public Safety Zone signageMinister Walsh last year blind-signed a law that made it illegal for the public to enjoy or use 340,000 ha of public land where logging was occuring. This is about half of all our public land available for logging in eastern Victoria! Yet we are told VicForests logs less than 1% of public forests every year.

VicForests bungle exposed

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This is a little complex but it basically shows that VicForests excel in stuffing up. Public forests are vested in VicForests for a number of years while it gets around to clearfelling them and then afterwards while it oversees the supposed regeneration of them. This can take years – and of course costs them many thousands to regenerate each area.

In late October the Victorian Government forced VicForests to take back responsibility for 1,500 hectares of logged forest that it had wrongly returned to the Government. VicForests has been told to properly regenerate the areas.