Economics of Logging

Napthine sinks even deeper

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The same weeks as Kevin Rudd was returned as PM, Victoria's Napthine government passed two anti-environment bills through parliament.

Napthine chainsaw destroy

The amendment to the logging Act (SFTA) gives a free-for-all to the logging mafia; everything it wants for as long as it wants with bugger-all scrutiny. All underwritten by us taxpayers for hundreds of millions if they run out of forests (or another bushfire makes them unmerchantable).

BUT - VicForests first has to find someone who wants to buy native forest wood. It's become as popular as whale meat!

Logging - a WASTE of forests

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Australia Institute has released a brilliant new infographic on what ends up as waste and woodchips from a Tassie forest. It'd be similar here. Shame it only counts trees, and not the entire make-up of a forest though. Trees can be 50% of a forest's biomass - so the sums on what's wasted and burnt would be much worse.

Logging waste infographic

Chipmill pellet plant scrapped

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Great news! The Eden chipmill has scrapped their plans to turn forests into pellets to fire up electricity furnaces (to run the world's TVs and air conditioners).

wood pellets

The Eden export woodchip mill plan to convert our forests into fuel to burn for electricity has failed. Likewise its wind farm project and the pellet plant to process forests into tiny pellets to export elsewhere to burn, has been declared a big white elephant. Just before these all failed the Victorian Association of Forest Industries awarded the Eden woodchip mill a prize for its ‘environmental initiatives’.

Vicforests gets special treatment from government

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shares in ALP

The recently released report from the Auditor General on the State's finances again raises questions about why VicForests was not required to pay a dividend again this year.

The report shows how the State Government demanded most Government businesses like Melbourne Water and other water authorities were all squeezed for additional dividend payments to help prop up the Government's "surplus". The fact that VicForests was exempt from this process must raise questions about why this Government business has been sheltered from Government cutbacks.

VicForests - losers in all regards

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

VicForests a dead lossIf VicForests was a private company it'd be financially (as well as morally) bankrupt. VicForests’ 2012-13 Annual Report is out. A small 'profit' was made this year - as a result of not having to pay big legal bills they said, but still no dividend paid to the public (government) for their use of, or more correctly - obliteration of, public property.

Eden woodchip mill - no more life support!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Now that the Eden woodchip mill is closer to going under, the NSW government is looking to the Gillard government to rescue it. Yep – the O’Farrell conservative government that sacked 300 Department of Primary Industry staff last week and hundreds of Education Dept staff (with more TAFE positions to go) is saying it will be the end of the world if the chipmill’s 42 staff lose their jobs.