The Eco-Logging Lie

In recent years, a number of respected environmental organisations have cancelled their support for FSC. These include FERN (2011), Friends of the Earth UK (2008), ROBINWOOD (2009), the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC Sweden) (2011), and smaller groups such as Rainforest Rescue and the Association for the Ecological Defence of Galicia. For more information see the Criticism section of Wikipedia and to keep up to date with the latest concerns see FSC Watch.

PLANET (d)ARK SELLS its soul

Friday, July 20, 2012

Planet Ark or Dark as some say - famous for loo paper, soap powder and advocating we recycle our Xmas cards - has accepted a large parcel of cash from the logging industry, in exchange for its ‘green’ endorsement of forest destruction.

Planet Ark endorses this type of logging

Reflex Paper - 100% hoodwink

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The latest porky to come from the makers of Reflex paper, is that their product is now 100% forest sensitive, in fact it's so eco-friendly it is bursting with endangered species.

Australia's biggest paper company, PaperlinX in the Latrobe Valley, is congratulating itself for this bodgie eco-label given by the normally reliable Forest Stewardship Council certification scheme.

Bottom rung tick-off

The wheat and woodchips connection

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Scruffy scruples
Readers will be aware of government and logging industry attempts to give wood products that come from destructive clearfelled areas a green tick of approval. This is to con both domestic and overseas buyers that the timber they purchase is from nicely logged forests. To achieve this, they invented the Australian Forestry Standard or AFS. The fact that this group has no conservation reps at all shows what a farce it is. What's even more telling is the list of AFS directors.

Stump-huggers inc.